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ACRP Project 02-99 Use of Equity and Environmental Justice Data to Support Airport Decision Making Edited

Summary :

Research Field: Environment

Allocation: $400,000

Historically, environmental justice has focused on ensuring that disadvantaged populations do not bear a disproportionate burden of the negative environmental impacts of projects, and that these communities are meaningfully included in planning and public outreach. While these goals remain important, there is increased emphasis on ensuring that infrastructure investments, including those for airports, lead to a more sustainable and just economy that addresses historical racial injustices and enhances the quality of life of diadvantaged communities. A critical element needed to better incorporate equity and environmental justice into airport decision-making is the use of robust data. Yet these datasets are often large and may come from disparate sources, and the thoughtful interpretation of the data as it relates to decision making may be difficult for airports. Research is needed to help airports understand how equity and environmental justice data can be used to support airport decision making.

The objective of this research is to prepare a primer and guidelines to help airport industry practitioners collect, share, interpret, and incorporate equity and environmental justice data in a manner that enhances how development and operational decisions can positively impact the economic and social well-being of neighboring communities in a more balanced and just way.

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