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ACRP Project 02-101 Airport Employee Onboarding: Environmental Issues

Summary :

Research Field: Environment

Allocation: $400,000

Airport environmental issues can be complex, occur at airports of all sizes, and are often costly if not managed properly. It is therefore important for airport employees, particularly new employees or those without a technical environmental background, to understand the requirements and environmental programs at the airport. Airport environmental achievement and sustainability is an organization-wide effort, especially for activities like waste management. Providing guidance and resources to employees as soon as they are hired could enhance compliance and reduce the risk of negative and costly environmental outcomes. The guidance and resources could also be used as references for current employees. Ultimately, the guidance and references could help promote a positive environmental culture within the workforce. Research is needed to develop guidance for new employee onboarding with respect to environmental laws, regulations, and programs at the airport.

The objective of this research is develop guidelines, tools, and supporting material to help airports of all sizes and levels of complexity onboard their employees to their unique environmental procedures and policies.




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