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ACRP Project 01-50 Data Privacy Management Guidance for Airports Edited

Summary :

Research Field: Administration

Allocation: $350,000

Airports are collecting and processing a large amount of data from travelers, including personal identification, medical records (e.g., COVID-19-related), and biometric information. In addition, airports need to comply with an increasing number of data protection and privacy regulations, and there is a risk of potential penalties stemming from noncompliance. An initial review of the websites of several large U.S. airports suggests that few provide any information concerning data privacy. Research is needed to understand current practice, provide guidance for fostering awareness of compliance requirements, and help airports incorporate data privacy management into their operational and business activities.

The objective of this research is to develop a guidebook to help airports comply with privacy-related regulations and build and embed robust data privacy management practices into their operational practice and business strategies to enhance trust with stakeholders and the community at large.




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